My Ancient New Faith

Recently I have connected with some old friends who have become Pastors and ministers in the Protestant tradition. A few questions have arisen about how I reached the decision to become a subdeacon in the Maronite Catholic Church since I grew up Presbyterian. The whole story is included in my first entry on this blog and I would encourage you to look at this if you are curious about how I came to this decision.

My purpose today is to share a new article by our Bishop titled: What it means to be Maronite. It touches on seven key areas of focus that make a lot of sense to me and I believe will give those who read the article a good introduction to being a Maronite. Specifically, the second area of focus where Bishop Gregory talks about Maronites being an ecumenical bridge among many faiths throughout history. I want to continue that tradition with all my new friends no matter what their faith tradition happens to be. I believe this open communication amongst those of different faiths is the key to world peace in the future.

Hope your day is filled Love and Peace and May God Bless you and your family.

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Dear Steve, when we were young(er)back in Maine you were always an inspiration to me. You had substance and what I thought of as a solid and downright honest approach to life. Remember how we met at college, that unique day in writing class. True friendship developed out of that meeting, only distance made us lose touch. Life runs its way and we all tag along,tripping and evolving, tripping up again and evolving once again; in the bounce and rock and roll of life we are in the same song hermano. love to allison, maria and yourself and everyone in your life.

    Hi Paul…still think of our friendship. I am writing more now. Still want to make it into a book of some kind….nonfiction? Novel? Memoir? Self help too many possibilities.

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