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We at edc Merchants provide quality and affordable clothing and equipment that will aid you in your fitness journey.

Our mission here is to help our customers reach their fitness goal with the best possible armor we can provide. edc Merchants knows how important it is to feel comfortable while working out, therefore, Your comfort is our priority.

Furthermore, we are a small online business, operating from Maine, USA. We understand that for some losing weight can be difficult and we want to help change that. There are fewer people in this world who get to follow their passion or even know what makes them happy. We all should be able to be happy, healthy,  and pursue our dreams.

Steve is a retired rehabilitation counselor who now writes, volunteers at his church and does freelance consulting projects as requested. He started this web site to provide an alternative ecommerce experience that will promote your health and wellness, give you access to some quality products and information and provide a modest retirement income.

We hope you find some great products and information.

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