2pcs German Chamomile Hydrosol Hydrating Moisturizing Relieves Redness anti-allergy anti acne anti wrinkle Skin care

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2pcs German Chamomile Hydrosol Hydrating Moisturizing Relieves Redness anti-allergy anti acne anti wrinkle Skin care

Improve skin red-sensitive phenomenon ( ARSYCHLL Chamomile Chamomile Hydrosol peculiar red flower water on the skin is very sensitive phenomenon of repair , it can suppress the occurrence of red -sensitive , the red-sensitive phenomenon nipped in the bud .
Removing red blood sun repair
Chamomile Hydrosol can effectively remove the skin symptoms of redness , leaving skin smooth as ever , but also to repair UV damage to the skin , deep repair the skin, so the skin is not afraid of the sun .
ARSYCHLL Chamomile Hydrosol Why can achieve these results ?
1 Moisturizing adjust the skin ( glycerol can increase moisture to the cells , allowing the cells to speed up the metabolic rate , making the skin supple and moving, deep water , adjust the skin , skin radiance .
2 to remove redness ( ARSYCHLL Chamomile can be very good to remove redness . Which contains chamomile have a good effect on redness , farewell redness is no longer a dream.
3 sun repair skin ( UV skin damage is very large, dull skin matt, partly because many are concerned with the UV component contained Chamomile Hydrosol very effective against sun repair skin
4. improve skin red-sensitive ( Chamomile Chamomile Hydrosol flower water contained inside the component is very useful for skin allergy red instantly improve skin sensitization .
Floral practical method
A face painting
Hydrosols small molecular structure can be deep penetration to the underlying skin is absorbed quickly reach convergence conditioning the skin effect. Pure water effects are not exposed to stay on the skin surface , but the water quickly filled cells , increasing the water content of water in the cells . Hydrosols can be used as a natural toner used directly after cleaning pat in the face .
2 direct attaining France
The chamomile pure dew drops on a cotton pad , apply evenly to the face twice daily can be used. Skin can absorb quickly , after the skin is no longer dry , very moisturizing and nourishing .
3 spray
The Chamomile Hydrosol down in a spray bottle, spray moisturizer can do directly , every time the Internet or feeling a little dry as when he sprayed the point , do not worry will affect the look, you can quickly replenish moisture .
4 moisturizing hair
After washing the head, directly applied on the hair of pure dew and massage the scalp , hair can not only care , but also can remove dandruff . After using pure dew maintenance hair will be long-lasting fragrant .
5 tone mask
Lu made using pure water conditioning mask every night for 10-15 minutes with pure dew deposited film of water can be highly efficient for the skin , followed by cream to lock in moisture can rest .
Daily care steps
Step one: Clean ( cleaning cleanser to clean the face thoroughly clean the face , the face of dirt to prevent skin irritation .
Step Two: After cleaning the face, their own skin smear on the face , skin to fully absorb .
The third step: Toning ( Chamomile Hydrosol way through the spray can also be directly applied to the face , skin maintain adequate moisture.
Step Four : moisturizing ( reusable other moisturizing lotion , facial moisture is more plentiful.
Sensitive skin characteristics
Prone to small their names
The skin is thin, fragile, lack of flexibility
When the cold season or in case of skin smashing, easy to play small papules
Easy sunburn
Sensitive skin care requirements
Not rub too hard when you wash the facial skin , taking care to avoid the sun, wind, cold and hot temperatures and other external stimuli. Selection of skin care products , the first in the ears, wrists and other places inside of the trial , to the hospital in serious condition is best to seek professional help
Natural Skin Care
Sensitive Skin Many are not born, but in the long-term bad habits or the environment , ” create” , if long-term use of irritating skin care products or contain hormones, heavy metals, skin care products, their skin into a sensitive skin , if we can use natural skincare skin problems nursed back again , then sensitive .

Chamomile in Latin means ” noble flowers ” in the history also call for “plant doctor ” because it actually indirectly treatment in the bush around it . Modern medical experiments showed that the natural gentle , soothing characteristics, ideal for children and sensitive and fragile skin , chamomile hydrosol is a direct product of the separation at the oil extracted from the other itself also contains a certain amount of essential oils , essential oil molecules small, easily absorbed , mixed together with other skin care products can be a good help skin absorb nutrients other skin care products , therefore, is an extremely pure dew is absorbed lotion Chamomile Hydrosol effectiveness: Chamomile Hydrosol inside Chamomile flower water component of allergic skin redness now and have a good repair, but also moisturize , is a very worth having pure dew .

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Name: Chamomile Hydrosol


Size : 200ml Shelf life : 3 years
Ingredients: Chamomile flower water, glycerol Efficacy: anti-allergic , to red blood

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Moisturizing, Oil-control, Anti-Aging, Whitening, Acne Treatment



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